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How We Serve You

We work alongside networks of donors and investors desiring to hear from you about your vision and needs.

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Grounded in God’s way

Kingdom business is exceptional because of WHO He is and WHOSE we are. Our multi-disciplinary experience and strategy in business, ministry and non-profits make us the trusted advisors you’ve been looking for.

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Unlock your potential

As trusted advisors, we provide dynamic directive and that makes things happen. We serve God-inspired vision – the BHAG He placed in your heart – and we walk with you to see the vision fulfilled.

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Seize the opportunity

Be proactive. Be empowered. Be persistent. Draw upon wisdom and resources beyond yourself that impact problem solving, financial challenges, accountability and strategic growth.

MND Financial Services

The knowledge, speed, and personal service of a boutique financial services firm.

The financial strength, stability, and low cost of funds of a bank.


Benefits of MND’s Lease Funding:

Flexibility, Cost Management, Simplified Budgeting, Access to High Quality Equipment, Preservation of Capital, End of Lease Options
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Welcome to Skunk-Worx

Qualifying Customers:

Small to extra-large businesses and organizations with big visions and limited budgets seeking sustainable funding.

Ideal Partners:

Entities with a well-developed idea needing robust IT expertise, R&D, and a development partner.

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  • Skunk-Worx projects require IT, infrastructure, marketing, and communications.
  • Success teams must include MND Consultants and/or fractional CIOs, CTOs, CFOs, or CMOs.
  • Partners must provide an initial executive summary of their idea.
  • MND partners with projects having a projected ROI of 500% to 1,200% over 24-36 months.
  • MND invests time, money, and manpower at roughly 25% of market rates, with partners funding the remaining amount.
  • Shared Risk/Shared Reward model: No penalty or debt if the project fails within 24-36 months.
  • If successful, MND converts its investment into preferred debt, stock, or another suitable vehicle.
  • MND may choose to invest further in successful projects.